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    My camera <3
    I look derpy but errybody else looks hella cute.
    Kandi Land 4 pretty much sucked besides the two hours of hhc i got to hear. 
    It was one of those days, and damn it was fun.
    This is Roley.
    I look incredibly silly but this is from a really impromptu Womp I went to last night. No Left Turn Hoorah
    My Pita-Ten shirt and finally dry HTID pendant. 

    There is this hhc song that goes “I want you, I- want you, I want you, I- want you” and somehow…. it isn’t called “I want you.”

    What the fuck is it called it’s stuck in my head. 

    Dude… in the future, rave clothing is going to be so cool… cause they’ll be able to have light up color changing thread and stuff. I assume that will be made in the future of course, cause that’s some top priority stuff.

    I am in love with these two. I’m trying to plan out my outfits for the weekend, and I have come to the conclusion that I really need new shorts and things that fit me. I’ve lost 15 pounds and I can now fit into all those children’s 7/8 shirts I had laying around.